I’m a geek not a snob, thankyouverymuch.

The Joy of Coffee

I started this blog as a coffee lover’s way of paying homage to the beautiful beverage that has kick started my day for the last 20+ plus years.  Yes, I had my favourite brands and ways to prepare my coffee but honestly, the fact that it was caffeinated was what I cared about most.  You could serve me bad coffee but, jeezus, don’t offer me decaf.

coffee geekBut now after going to work in a café and then almost falling into a coffee roasting role that will most certainly change my life, my interest in the mighty bean has deepened and my thirst for coffee knowledge has increased tenfold. I want to know everything about the entire process from bean to cup.  I’m starting to sample a wider range of coffees and instead of automatically adding enough milk to reach the right shade of caramel before taking my first sip, I’m…

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One thought on “I’m a geek not a snob, thankyouverymuch.

  1. Thanks for the reblog Ladydinesalot. I’m guessing you understand how someone’s passion for something, whether it be food or coffee or something else, could be misconstrued as snobbery. Btw, you are my favourite culinary geek. 🙂

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