Food is the Language of Love.

free-valentine-039-s-day-fruit-cakes-pictures-wallpaper_1600x1200_89857Food plays a huge part in Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love. Communing over a table as a group, or a couple to enjoy a meal is one of the best gifts of all.

“One cannot think well,love well, sleep well if one has not dined well,” said Virginia Wolf. This statement is entirely my mantra too.

There are several opinions on the history of Valentine’s Day. One is the story of Valentine, a physician who was believed to be a gastronomist, who made his medicines more palatable by blending them with spices, honey, and wine. Valentine incarcerated for his religious beliefs, and legend has it that he sent a note to his love before his execution on Feb. 14, signed “from your Valentine.” Each year until 1969, a feast day was celebrated in his honor.

Cupid the sweet little cherub and hearts are other symbols of the season. All stories over the centuries have evolved and merged in the holiday we celebrate today. But, no one can argue that the best triggers of the season is sharing food of the senses in all it’s forms, whether chocolate, wine, berries, pasta or more.

More than mere words, nothing says, “I love you” than sharing a meal.

If you don’t fancy your kitchen skills, there are many unique ways to enjoy the season as a couple or a group outing in Kingston. Let these fantastic chef’s do the cooking for you!

Cozy up in the newly refurbished Aqua Terra by Clark Day (located in the lobby at the Delta Hotel, 1 Johnston Street). The dining room features large windows with views of the Kingston harbor and city. They have a new look, but thankfully the menu is as delicious as ever.

Theatre Kingston presents a special Elizabeth- Darcy dinner package with le Chien Noir Bistro (69 Brock Street), the delicious French restaurant includes a ticket to the show at Frontenac Inn and a 3-course meal for $60/ per person. Call the Grand Theatre box office for details at 613-530-2050. Tea and scones are served post show with an artist. A unique Valentine experience, show closes Feb. 15 – reserve now.

Olivea Restaurant (39 Brock Street) and Casa Domenico (35 Brock Street) are among my favorite Italian locations, fresh pasta and sauces and a perfect setting across from the Springer Market Square. Enjoy a glide-and-skid before or after dinner with your sweetheart.

Pan Chancho (44 Princess Street) is offering dinner service until 9 p.m. at present. Chef’s from sister restaurant, Chez Piggy and Pan Chancho have teamed up. Get in quick to enjoy wonderful food in this intimate setting for a limited engagement.

Curry Original (253A Ontario Street) makes my list too. It’s hubby, and my favorite date night location—warm spicy authentic Indian food in a beautiful limestone building.

Days on Front (730 Front Road) located in the little mall, don’t let the location fool you, inside you will find a superb menu and attentive staff.

For the budget savvy try Harper’s Gourmet Burger Bar (93 Princess Street), or dine at Golden Viet Thai (206 Wellington Street) for cheap Thai food at it’s best – eat in or takeout available.

I would welcome your selfie’s and feedback on any of these suggestions. It’s been two years since I started writing this column, thank you for your emails and restaurant ideas. Sharing food creates a special bond between people. This Valentine’s day, I toast you, toast the food you (we) eat together, and best of all, toast life.

“From your Valentine,” a.k.a Lady DinesAlot.

If you have a restaurant suggestion or foodie biz, please contact me at or follow my blog at or on Facebook/Twitter.

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