Spoke & Fork: Delivery Service

May 7, 2015

Get-on-yer-bike! Eli Scheiman owner of Spoke & Fork is already a legend at spinning his wheels to ensure your take-out food is delivered warm and in tact.

Photo credit: Alex22

Photo credit: Alex22

This unique Kingston-based bicycle food delivery service uses bicycles as their sole mode of transportation. Despite minus 30 temperatures over winter, Eli and his team battled snow; wind and rain to bring you fresh food from a variety of locally owned downtown restaurants.

“I figure we are hardened up after the winter that spring and summer feels like a breeze,” quipped Eli. “We aim to provide customers access to high quality food, 7-days a week from business’ with similar values to us.”

The bicycle delivery model is inherently environmentally sustainable, incurring none of the environmental-degrading effects so common in deliveries done by car.

The good-for-the-environment service is easy. Arrange pick up from foodie finds such as; Woodenheads, Le Chien Noir, Diane’s, Harpers, Olivea, Pan Chancho, Curry Original, Jina Sushi, Mission St. North and Farm Girl food trucks, fresh produce and meat from Tara Natural Foods and farmers markets, shop from Green Door Vitamins, Verde Environmental Store, Kingston Olive Oil Company and more. It’s as simple as one, two, three…

  1. Browse through their full list of partners at spokeandfork.ca (amazing good food and more!)
  2. Place an order by phone 613-985-0602
  3. Sit back and the team will do the rest, like place order, call to inform you it’s on its way, confirm price or if there is a change in the menu etc.—pick up, pay and deliver right to your door.

Only one small thing…

“Don’t call us to deliver Kentucky Fried Chicken,” says Eli. “Don’t be surprised when we recommend an alternative such as chicken bites from Red House. This incident occurred the other day and the customer was extremely happy with the discovery of this local option.”

Some businesses offer a free delivery service, which is no charge to you for this swift sustainable way in which you receive your food. The base rate for Spoke & Fork is $4, which many housebound seniors, students, and busy professionals use to ensure they still enjoy good healthy food and groceries. Spoke & Fork cyclists service four zones from across the bridge in the east to St. Lawrence College/Portsmouth Rd regions. Depending which zone you are in the base may climb to no more than $6.50, add $1.50 for orders over $50, and $2.00 over $100 dollars.

They are open 11 a.m. thru 9:30 p.m. seven days a week for delicious food and even good drink too. In the hot summer months ahead, Mackinnon Brothers beer or any other cold beverage from The Beer Store, LCBO or Wine Rack can be paired with dinner too.

While business is booming, it would take a lot to rattle Eli Scheinman. In addition to his new business, Eli is a certified CHEK holistic life coach. Founded by Paul Chek, a world-renowned holistic health and physical coach. It incorporates a spiritual practice that aids individuals in living a happy and fulfilling life.

“The teachings are what I incorporate into my life everyday,” says Eli. “I am generally a grounded person. The CHEK practice looks after the whole being including evaluating your breathing, eating, sleeping, how you move, and overall thinking—each has its effects on your happiness which is directly related to performance and achieving your goals.

A lot of times people are working out but not necessarily working within. Stress can come in all its form. There are so many reasons and diet is generally one of them.

Spoke & Fork is true reflection of Eli’s interests in food, physical and mental health, environmental sustainability and cultural vibrancy.

To place an order call 613-985-0692 or to see a full list of business partners Spoke & Fork delivers from visit their website www.spokeandfork.ca.

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